This is a very special episode as we step inside the regal and historic ʻIolani Palace, the royal palace of our last monarchs of the Hawaiian Kingdom.

This amazing building has stood the test of time and change of Hawaiʻi and still remains.  Why is it important that we continue to support this palace?  Why should Native Hawaiians, residents of Hawaiʻi AND tourists alike visit this palace?  

All that AND MORE, including a special performance of a Queen Liliʻuokalani composition, is coming up on Aloha Authentic.

Episode 106:


Many women throughout Hawai'i wear a Hawaiian bracelet.  But did you know that what is known as "Hawaiian Jewelry" actually derives from our ali'i?  Queen Kapi'olani and Princess Lili'uokalani to be exact.

We speak with Royal Hawaiian Heritage Jewelry, along with Native Hawaiian artisan Tara Gumapac, to learn the origins of Hawaiian jewelry and where we see it evolving to in the coming future.  Mahalo to Haʻikū Garden for allowing us to showcase your venue.

Aloha Authentic is a show celebrating Hawaiian culture.  Through conversations with local artisans, cultural practitioners, kūpuna and community members, we all learn more about Hawaiʻi, our native culture and unique lifestyle.

For our premier episode, we are so honored to have the chance to sit down with world renown Kealiʻi Reichel to talk about his story of hula, music and other cultural arts.  

Big mahalo to Aliʻi Kula Lavender Farm on the island of Maui for allowing us to utilize your ʻāīna for our backdrop for this pilot episode.

Episode 107:


Watch our Sizzle Reel with the legendary Auntie Kuʻuipo Kumukahi

In this episode, we talk about the Hawaiian music.

Project Kuleana, a community organization that creates Hawaiian music videos and works with Keiki (children) to help produce these music videos around Mele Hawaiʻi, or Hawaiian music.

Aside from the final product, the journey of research, production and editing can teach a lot to children about not just the industry of media, but the importance of Hawaiian music.

We all are dealing with this pandemic across the globe.  Being on an island, the most isolated group of islands on the planet, its vital that we are able to be self-sustainable.  Threats of our imports being cut-off has been amplified during this pandemic, so how can we start our journey in being sustainable?  

Be sure to watch this episode with special guests Dr. Manulani Aluli Meyer and Chef Mark Noguchi.  We sit down to talk about the concept of Aloha ʻĀina, loving the land, and living off the land.  

Episode 102: DALANI TANAHY -

Episode 105:


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In this episode, we talk everything Kapa!  Kapa is traditional Hawaiian barkcloth that served many purposes, from clothing to blankets to wraps and much more.  

You will definitely walk away from this episode knowing more about traditional Hawaiian culture.

What is one things that impacts us all the same?  Weather.  So how did ancient Hawaiians survive in a time with no technology or modern resources to keep them safe from incoming weather?  

Hawaiian practitioner and educator Kalei Nuʻuhiwa spends the day with us to share knowledge on the Hawaiian perspective to our island weather.  For sure, this will be a conversation you will want to listen to.

Episode 101: KEALIʻI REICHEL -

Episode 104: ʻIOLANI PALACE