Considered the first location on the island of O'ahu where foreigners first stepped on land, Waimea and its valley holds important significance in Hawai'i's history.  In this episode, we learn about that history, the way of life in the ancient days, and even the role plants played in society. 

Episode 202: Hawaiʻi State Archives

Hawaiʻi is a very special place with a rich history.  But before we focus on the many aspects that make Hawaiian culture unique, we wanted to start the new season from the beginning.  How was the Hawaiian Islands formed?

From a geologically perspective, itʻs about volcanoes.  But in a Hawaiian perspective, volcanoes are associated with the deity "Pele."  In this episode, we speak with Hawaiʻi Volcanoes National Park and Kumu Hula Nālani Kanakaʻole of Hālau o Kekuhi to learn about how Hawaiʻi was created and who Pele is.

Considered one of the most intricate art forms in the Hawaiian culture, featherwork continues to be perpetuated today.  Host Kamaka Pili sits down with 3rd generation featherwork artist Aunty Mele Kahalepuna-Chun to talk about this ancient tradition.  She even shares how we can make a feather lei.

In this episode of Aloha Authentic, host Kamaka Pili sits down with Noah Keola Ryan and Tasha Ryan of North Shore EcoTours to talk about ecotourism in Hawaiʻi, and the importance of visitors learning about Hawaii’s past. We then head over to the Hawaiʻi Tourism Authority to speak with Chief Brand Officer Kalani Kaʻanāʻanā to hear the State’s perspective of tourism.

Episode 204:

Hawaiian Featherwork

Episode 203:

45 Years of the Mākaha Sons

If you are someone who loves Hawaiʻi's history and culture, you want to be familiar with one of the greatest public resources available....the Hawaiʻi State Archives.  From learning of Hawaiʻi's history to researching your genealogy, Hawaiʻi State Archives is a place to know about.

Episode 206:

Painting Hawaiʻi's Past

​​Aloha Authentic is a show celebrating Hawaiian culture.  Through conversations with local artisans, cultural practitioners, kūpuna and community members, we all learn more about Hawaiʻi, our native culture and unique lifestyle.

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Host Kamaka Pili sits down with Jerome Koko, the last original member of the iconic Hawaiian music group, Mākaha Sons.  We step back about 45 years to hear how the original group "Mākaha Sons of Niʻihau" formed, how they evolved over the decades, stories of Braddah Israel "IZ" Kamakawiwoʻole, and even a special musical performance.

In this episode of Aloha Authentic, host Kamaka Pili speaks with Native Hawaiian artist and historian Brook Kapūkuniahi Parker as he paints Hawaiʻi’s past. Hear the stories behind his paintings, why he paints our royalty, and where he draws his inspiration from.


Episode 207:

Tourism in Hawaiʻi 

Episode 205:

Waimea Valley and the Use of Plants

Episode 201: Creation of Hawaiʻi