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"Aloha Authentic with Kamaka Pili" is our television talk show that is aired on ʻŌlelo Community Media throughout Oʻahu, Hawaiʻi.  In this show, Pili sits down with artists, practitioners, kūpuna and community members to capture their stories and also their understanding of the word "Aloha".  The world know "Aloha" as "hello, goodbye, I love you", however to our Hawaiian ancestors, it meant much more than that.  Our hopes is that our viewers walk away understanding a little deeper sense of the word "Aloha" and our "Aloha spirit".  

With social media, we are able to reach the world with the conveience of the internet.  So we are dedicated to creating fast and easy content that shares Hawaiian culture, history and education with friends and family across the seas.  We have started an initiative that allows us to go around to different streets here in our islands and capture some meaning behind the name.  By doing so, we hope that people build more awareness and appreciation for the roads we drive or walk on.  By doing so, our history becomes more known and understood.  We invite you to FOLLOW us on Instagram @aloha.authentic and on Facebook @alohaauthentic.

We have also built a relationship with a local Hawaiʻi news station to share these street name videos with all of Hawaiʻi.  KHON2 sees the importance of our Native communities, residents and island visitors alike to be aware of our history and culture.  We all are here in Hawaiʻi which holds a unique past with great heritage.  We are very grateful that KHON2 has given us a platform to share education and hopefully inspire those around our islands.  We invite you to check out our KHON tab to see past weekly segments and catch host Pili at various times throughout the week.  Each new segment will air Wednesday evenings on KHII between 7-8pm.  Then replay on the same night on KHON2 between 9-10pm.  And will replay yet again every Thursday morning on KHON2 between 8-9am.

We are also very happy to share that Aloha Authentic talk show has found a new home on KHII.  We are expected to launch our new season July of 2019.  So stay tuned.  More stories of Hawaiʻi coming your way soon.

About Us


Aloha Authentic was established in 2014 by a group of artists who wanted to share Aloha through authentic stories told by local Artisans and practitioners. 


The group created the Aloha Authentic platform on ʻŌlelo Community Television - Pili being part of the group and an Artist and Practitioner himself was a perfect match to host the show. His easy going talk story makes it fun and entertaining as well as educational.

The mission of Aloha Authentic is to provide a media platform for Hawaiʻi Artisans and Practitioners to perpetuate their stories, knowledge and experiences to help identify the true essence of "Aloha".