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Born and raised on Oʻahu in the Hawaiian islands, Kamaka was brought up in a multi-cultural environment however it is Native Hawaiian culture and values that pulled on his spirit the strongest.  Being of Native Hawaiian and of other Polynesian decent, Kamaka believes it is his kuleana (responsibility; privilege) to perpetuate his cultural traditions in this modern, fast-paced world of business, politics and development.  Here in Hawai'i, the world recognizes the beauty of our islands, however the lack of awareness, recognition and respect towards the history, culture and traditions of the Hawaiian people are also recognized.  This is an issue with many indigenous people around the world, and through all the projects he comes across, Kamaka tries to share stories and educate about Hawaiʻi, our culture, our kūpuna (ancestors) and their voices.

From hula (dance) to lomilomi (massage) to lāʻau lapaʻau (natural medicine) to ulana (weaving) to kūkū kapa (barkcloth pounding) to oli (chant) to heʻenalu (surfing) and beyond, Kamaka has the passion to grow his knowledge of Hawaiʻi's past and learn where he comes from.  With his experience and networks in not just the Hawaiian community but also both the hospitality and retail industries, Kamaka is ʻeleu (energetic; eager) in finding ways to build bridges between Hawaiian culture with the world.

You will see Kamaka on Hawaiʻi's television as he is the weekend weatherman and a reporter with KHON2 News.  You may see him dancing hula with Hawaiian Airlines.  Or see him at craft fairs as the artist of Naʻau Walaʻau Designs.  These are just some of the ways he can do to "Share Aloha with the World."